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Qiu Xiaolong
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Chen fills Yu in on Wu in Chapter 20, how does Yu react?
(a) Vehemently.
(b) Baffled.
(c) Nonchalently.
(d) Surprised.

2. Where did the tour guide for Guan's trip to the Yellow Mountains move right after that trip?
(a) Guilin.
(b) Guangzhou.
(c) Shanghai.
(d) Beijing.

3. Zhang's primarily focus regarding the case is __________.
(a) He doesn't care about the case.
(b) Politics.
(c) Assuring Cheng does not succeed.
(d) Finding Guan's killer.

4. Who is Chen dining with in Chapter 19?
(a) Wang.
(b) No one.
(c) Yu's family.
(d) Zhang.

5. Where does the person who sent Chen a gift live?
(a) Chicago.
(b) New York.
(c) Shanghai.
(d) Beijing.

6. What clue related to the case does Chen realize is hard to come by in Shanghai?
(a) Guan's designer high heels.
(b) Caviar.
(c) The type of camera used for Guan's photos.
(d) Guan's perfume.

7. What does Party Secretary Li Guoha suggest Chen do with the murder case?
(a) Pass it on to others.
(b) Assign it to Yu.
(c) Take it on himself.
(d) Sit on it for a week before deciding anything.

8. What do Yu and Chen agree on regarding the political aspects of the case?
(a) They are frightening.
(b) They will make the case too public.
(c) They are overblown.
(d) They will make the case too suseptable to blackmail.

9. In Chapter 14, Chen returns to look at Guan's photo albums for the _______ time.
(a) Second.
(b) Third.
(c) Fourth.
(d) Fifth.

10. Where is Yu in Chapter 13?
(a) It is not stated.
(b) At a press conference.
(c) Investigating Guan's dormatory.
(d) On a family outing.

11. What era is "Death of a Red Heroine" set in?
(a) 1880s.
(b) 1950s.
(c) 1990s.
(d) 1890s.

12. In Chapter 21, Zhang thinks that Yu ___________ him.
(a) Does not respect.
(b) Hates.
(c) Admires.
(d) Respects.

13. Where does Gao find the body?
(a) Stuck in the boat propeller.
(b) Half burried next to a trail.
(c) Floating in a swamp.
(d) Hidden in some bushes.

14. What had the murdered woman eaten less than hour before her death?
(a) Ice cream.
(b) A sandwich.
(c) Caviar.
(d) A salad.

15. Wu Xiaoming had once photographed Guan for a _________.
(a) Political event.
(b) Book cover.
(c) Newspaper.
(d) Magazine.

Short Answer Questions

1. How much progress has been made on the case by the beginning of Chapter 9?

2. The relationship between Yu and Chen is filled with ______.

3. When Chen and Yu confront Wu, what sort of relationship does Wu say he and Guan had?

4. Where does Wang tell Chen she is moving to?

5. Who is Peiqin?

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