Death of a Red Heroine Fun Activities

Qiu Xiaolong
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Chen's Poetry

The main character, Chen, is a published poet as well as cop. Write a poem as though you are Chen. What would he choose to write about? What approach would he take in his writing?

Chinese Poetry

Poetry is a motif in "Death of a Red Heroine". Find an example of a poem by a Chinese poet that you enjoy and can share with the class. Be sure to interpret the poem as well.

Chinese Police Force

Many of the characters in "Death of a Red Heroine" are members of the police force in Shanghai. Do some research on how the Chinese police force is set up. What are they called? How do they compare to the American police force? What do their uniforms look like?

Character Relations

Identify which character you best related to and why?

Chen's Girls

Which girlfriend do you think was a...

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