Death of a Red Heroine Character Descriptions

Qiu Xiaolong
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Chief Inspector Chen Cao - This main character is the lead investigator in the murder case that forms the central plot of the book.

Detective Yu Guangming - This police officer's primary goals are to rise above his father's achievements in the police force and to provide for his family. He is not politically savvy, and sometimes too confrontational with supervisors.

Wang Feng - This young journalist is separated from her spouse and has formed a flirtatious friendship with the main character.

Guan Hongying - This character is the murder victim, whose given name translates as Red Heroine.

Overseas Chinese Lu - This character is an old friend of the main character, despite their being so different from one another.

Party Secretary Li Guoha - This skilled politician is a mentor to the main character and is able to manipulate most situations to the outcome he desires...

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