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Jim Butcher
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Harry listen to a phone conversation between a woman and her accomplice?
(a) On the dock by the Etranger.
(b) In the hall of his apartment complex.
(c) Using his magical wire tap.
(d) On the subway going to the docks.

2. Why does Dresden have to keep his magical energies under control?
(a) So he does not short out electronic equipment.
(b) So his aura is not visible.
(c) So his is not detected by anti-Wizard factions.
(d) So he is not detected by vampires.

3. Who is a member of the Order of the Blackened Denarius?
(a) The demon Harry and the Knights just fought.
(b) Michael.
(c) Shiro.
(d) Harry.

4. What does Shiro ask Harry about the Shroud?
(a) If Harry would allow the corrupt Vatican to repossess the Shroud.
(b) If Harry believes the Shroud exists.
(c) Why Harry is searching for it.
(d) If Harry would use it to augment his own power.

5. Who is Father Forthill?
(a) The brother of one of the knights who rescues Harry.
(b) The priest who sent Harry's attackers.
(c) The man who meets Harry and the Knights at the church.
(d) A good friend of Harry's.

6. What is Lindquist's occupation?
(a) Massage therapist.
(b) Acupuncturist.
(c) Medium.
(d) Warlock.

7. What does Harry find on a message pad he took from the Erlanger?
(a) Marriott 2345.
(b) Hilton 1777.
(c) Johnson 1433.
(d) Marriott 4677.

8. Who does the spirit that Harry consults tell him to contact about the Shroud?
(a) Ulsharavas.
(b) Shiva.
(c) Michael.
(d) The Pope.

9. What is Harry's response to Shiro's question?
(a) Harry does not know if there is an authentic Shroud, but believes others think this one is.
(b) He is doing it for the money.
(c) Harry would return the Shroud to its rightful owners.
(d) No, Harry is powerful enough as it is.

10. What can Susan do with a kiss?
(a) Tell if someone is a wizard.
(b) Read the person's mind who she kisses.
(c) Tell if someone is a vampire.
(d) Lull victims into a stupor.

11. What work does Susan say she has been offered?
(a) Opposition to the White Council in South America.
(b) Opposition to the Crimson Court in China.
(c) Opposition to the Crimson Court in South America.
(d) Membership on the vampire high council.

12. About what anti-venom does Harry ask the spirit?
(a) Cobra spit.
(b) Vampire spit.
(c) None.
(d) Arcane tattoo ink.

13. About what does Harry worry as he drives home?
(a) Why Susan wants Harry to go with her.
(b) How to win and/or survive a duel with Ortega.
(c) If Susan is in love with the man who came to Harry's apartment.
(d) Why Charity hates him.

14. What happens when Harry is sure of Susan's identity?
(a) He starts to kiss her.
(b) He ties her with silver cords.
(c) He cooks her dinner.
(d) He tries to stab her through the heart with a wooden stake.

15. Who does Harry want to avoid?
(a) Anna.
(b) Ortega.
(c) Francesca.
(d) Police.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Harry and Susan do when someone knocks on the door?

2. Who is Martin?

3. Who is The Archive?

4. What does Susan offer to do while Harry sleeps?

5. Who does Harry decide to have examine the cell phone?

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