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Jim Butcher
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Susan offer to do while Harry sleeps?
(a) Cook dinner.
(b) Find Shiva.
(c) Contact Bob.
(d) Look into the note Harry found on the Erlanger.

2. What can Susan do with a kiss?
(a) Tell if someone is a vampire.
(b) Lull victims into a stupor.
(c) Tell if someone is a wizard.
(d) Read the person's mind who she kisses.

3. Who does Harry decide to ask to be his second in the duel?
(a) Shiva.
(b) Michael.
(c) Charity.
(d) Kincaid.

4. Who is Kincaid?
(a) The Wizard who shows Harry how to created an anti-venom.
(b) A hulking man who knocks on Harry's door.
(c) The maintenance man in Harry's apartment building.
(d) A spirit of a former pirate.

5. What does Dresden feel slipping during a break on the show?
(a) His spell.
(b) His confidence.
(c) His compassion for vampires.
(d) His desire to talk any longer.

6. Who is Martin?
(a) A man who comes to Harry's apartment who Susan knows.
(b) The maintenance man at Harry's apartment complex.
(c) Susan's brother.
(d) Harry's sometime partner in investigations.

7. With whom does Harry consult in his laboratory?
(a) The spirit of Bob the Skull.
(b) The spirit of his mentor, a high-order Wizard.
(c) The spirit of his father.
(d) The spirit of his best friend who died a year earlier.

8. What does Harry say does not last?
(a) Diseases constructed by magic.
(b) The magic signature on a piece of paper.
(c) Magic trails on golems.
(d) The magic energy used to give someone temporary powers.

9. What does Charity confess to Harry about Harry?
(a) That she thinks her husband likes Harry better than her.
(b) That she thinks he is profoundly evil.
(c) That she dislikes him.
(d) That she is in love with him.

10. Who sends Father Vincent to represent paranormal doubters to the show where Dresden and Lindquist are?
(a) The World Council of Churches.
(b) The American Council of Ecumenical Orthodoxy.
(c) The Vatican.
(d) No one; he came out of his own desire to debunk Dresden and Lindquist.

11. What does Harry think would happen if he tries to use the cell phone he took from Erlanger?
(a) His magical energy will short circuit it.
(b) It may explode if it was implanted with a decoder.
(c) It may send his identity to some one he does not want to know about him.
(d) It may alert Anna's killers as to where Harry is.

12. What happens when Harry is sure of Susan's identity?
(a) He starts to kiss her.
(b) He ties her with silver cords.
(c) He cooks her dinner.
(d) He tries to stab her through the heart with a wooden stake.

13. What does Harry suggest to Murphy?
(a) She find someone else to go with her to the police ball.
(b) She decline to investigate anything about the dead man.
(c) She not interview the mobster even with Harry along.
(d) She investigate the death of a man name LaRouche.

14. What chases Harry after he leaves Murphy?
(a) A tiger.
(b) A werewolf.
(c) A warlock.
(d) A demon.

15. Where does Harry Dresden appear along with Mortimer Lindquist?
(a) A crime fighting unit meeting.
(b) A benefit for a children's foundation.
(c) A Chicago talk show.
(d) A college paranormal lab.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does the spirit that Harry consults tell him to contact about the Shroud?

2. What does Fr. Vincent imply when talking with Harry?

3. Who is Johnny Marcone?

4. Where does Harry lead Susan?

5. How does the demon the four fight tempt good humans to do evil?

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