Death Masks Short Essay - Answer Key

Jim Butcher
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1. Where and with whom does Harry appear in Chapter 1?

Wizard and investigator Harry Dresden appears on a Chicago talk show alongside fellow guest and occasional colleague Mortimer Lindquist, a spiritual medium.

2. What is a suppression spell and why does Harry have to cast it?

Harry he describes how he cast a suppression spell around himself to keep his magical energies under control so they don't, as magic tends to do, short out all the electronic equipment in the room.

3. Who is Susan and what does Mortimer say about her?

Harry narrates how Susan follows Harry on an investigation into a lair of vampires in search of material for a column and is bitten and became part vampire. Harry's rescue of Susan triggers a war between the White Council of Wizards and the Red Court of Vampires. Mortimer whispers to Harry that he has managed to trace journalist Susan Rodriguez to Peru.

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