Objects & Places from Death Masks

Jim Butcher
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This Midwestern city is the novel's primary setting.

Harry's Apartment / Laboratory

Harry lives here.

Harry's Weaponry

Harry channels his innate mystical energy through a variety of these.

Harry's Soulgaze

One of the manifestations of Harry's power is the ability to use this.

The Shroud of Turin

This is a centuries-old Christian artifact.

The Boat in the Harbor

Harry traces the stolen Shroud of Turin to this.

The Blackened Coins

These ancient artifacts were, according to Christian tradition, one of the thirty pieces of silver accepted by Judas Iscariot.


This is a bar in Chicago described by Harry as being a hangout for the local paranormal community.

The Marriott Hotel

A high-end hotel in Chicago, it is the setting for Harry and Susan's attempt to retrieve the Shroud.

The Carpenters' Home

Knight of the Cross Michael Carpenter lives with his wife and children here.

The Eye of Thoth Tattoo

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