Death Masks Character Descriptions

Jim Butcher
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Harry Dresden

He is the narrative's central character who is a wizard and private investigator.

Paolo Ortega

He is a powerful vampire and one of the dominating members of the Red Court.

Fr. Vincent

He is a priest sent from the Vatican to enlist Harry's assistance in locating a valuable stolen artifact.

Susan Rodriguez

She is an investigative journalist and Harry's former girlfriend.

Johnny Marcone

He is a Chicago mobster and the leader of a powerful organized crime family.

The White Council, The Red Court

They are opposing paranormal forces drawn into conflict, both violent and moral, as the result of Harry's actions in a previous narrative.

Anna Valmont, Francisca Garcia

They are two of the thieves who steal the Shroud of Turin from its place of safekeeping in Italy.

Karrin Murphy, Waldo Butters

She is a hard-nosed police officer, a member of the Special Investigations Unit and...

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