Death Masks Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Jim Butcher
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Chapters 1, 2 and 3

• Harry Dresden, a wizard and a private investigator is on a talk show with Mortimer Lindquist, a spiritual medium.

• Harry has cast a spell around himself so that his magic does not mess up the electronics in the studio.

• The audience is skeptical which upsets Harry but doesn't surprise him. Mortimer whispers to Harry that he has found Susan.

• Susan Rodriguez is a journalist and Harry's ex-girlfriend. She was infected by a vampire at a party and left Harry. She is in Peru.

• When Harry rescued Susan after she had been bit it set off a war between the White Council and the Red Court.
• Paolo Ortega, another guest on the show, is a vampire in the Red Court and tells Harry if he will duel with him it might defuse the war.

• Harry gets angry and loses the shield and the studio goes dead. Ortego...

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