Death in the Long Grass Short Essay - Answer Key

Peter H. Capstick
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1. Describe Peter Hathaway Capstick's life.

Born in 1940 in New Jersey, Hathaway attended the University of Virginia and worked on Wall Street before beginning a series of hunting and travel jobs in South and Central America. Later, he traveled to Africa where he held professional hunting licenses in Ethiopia, Zambia, Botswana and Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe). He wrote a number of magazine articles and numerous books about hunting. Capstick died from complications arising from heart bypass surgery.

2. What happens to Peter Hankin in Chapter 1?

Peter Hankin leads a photography-only safari expedition. Park regulations prevent Hankin from taking his gun and with nothing to defend himself, he is attacked, killed, and eaten by a female lion.

3. How do the hunters kill the lioness which eats Hankin?

In the morning, Joe Joubert, one of Hankin's employees, a Zambian game guard and Samuel Lenher, a hunting client, find the lioness still feeding on Hankin's corpse. The Zambian game guard shoots the lioness with an SG buckshot and the lioness runs into brush. Joubert tracks the lioness in a wide circle and finds her again feeding on Hankin's corpse. He kills her with a 510-grain Winchester soft-point shot from a .458 Brno.

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