Death in the Long Grass Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Peter H. Capstick
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• Capstick considers lions to be the class big game animal.

• During a hunting expedition, a lioness attacks and kills professional hunter Peter Hankin.

• A Zambian game guard shoots the lioness and she runs off into the brush.
• Joe Joubert, an employer of Hankin's, tracks down the lioness and kills it.

• Capstick describes a time when he is leading a group of Italian clients on a safari. One night a lion claws through the hut wall and lunges at Capstick's friend Silent. Silent hits the lion in the face with a glass bottle until the lion retreats.

• Later Capstick hears the lion on the roof and he shoots up through the ceiling, killing the lion.
• A lioness attacks Len and Jean Harvey while they are sleeping in their hut. Jean manages to escape, but the lion kills and eats Len.

• Willy De Beer tries to save Len, but...

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