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Kathy Reichs
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Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter 28, what is another link Brennan believes exists among the murder victims?

2. Where does Brennan put her card to give it to Kathryn?

3. In Chapter 35, which of Brennan's two homes is she staying in for the summer?

4. Where did the victim work at McGill University?

5. How does Ryan get Dom's fingerprints?

Short Essay Questions

1. In Chapter 20, Kathryn is missing from the group when Ryan and Brennan go to question individuals. Why does Dom say she is absent? What may be the real reason for her disappearance?

2. In Chapter 19, Kathryn talks about what the group she belongs to does. What does she say that reminds her of Harry? Is it significant?

3. In Chapter 35, Ryan stays Brennan while healing and loose ends are tied up. What loose ends are resolved? Give at least two examples.

4. What is the anti-climactic event that happens in Chapter 24? Why is it anti-climatic?

5. In Chapter 30, how does Anna know Amalie Provencher? What was their relationship?

6. In Chapter 32, the author reveals more of Ryan's personality or character traits. What kind of person is Ryan? What does he value? Use details from the novel to support your assertions.

7. Kathryn gives Brennan more information to connect St-Jovite to the Saint Helena commune in Chapter 25. What does she tell Brennan that shows this connection?

8. What does Red tell Brennan about cults in Chapter 28 that worries her?

9. In Chapter 25, Kathryn shows up at Brennan's door. What does she say was Heidi's motivation for leaving the commune?

10. In Chapter 27, new information about the murder of Jennifer Cannon comes to light. Compare and contrast the known information about Carole Comptois' and Jennifer Cannon's deaths. Is there anything to suggest a link?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The theme of rejection of the world comes up not only in the cults philosophies, but also in Brennan and Harry's response to religion. What might cause someone to reject a faith they grew up with their whole life? What is the difference between the cult's, as well as Brennan's and Harry's reactions? Write a paper comparing and contrasting motivations and outcomes.

Essay Topic 2

Keeping in mind that the narrator is not necessarily the voice, a novel still reveals an author's values. What does Kathy Reichs value in life? How do you know? What does she disvalue in life? Defend your assertions by using examples in your essay.

Essay Topic 3

Write a critique of the resolution. Does it resolve too quickly or not quick enough? Was the climax strong enough or was there a moment in rising action that felt stronger? Does it make sense for Ryan to stay with Brennan? Why or why not? Does Daisy Jeannotte's death make sense? Why or why not?

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