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Kathy Reichs
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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Brennan find strange about the victims in Chapter 2?

2. In Chapter 9, what does Jeannotte give Brennan?

3. What does Brennan's sister want to study?

4. What is Brennan's nickname?

5. Who does Brennan call to ask for help looking for Sister Julienne's missing person?

Short Essay Questions

1. Kathy Reichs uses jargon to help create credibility for her character's professions. Which characters use jargon and why?

2. What type of person is Sandy O'Reilly? Is she a reliable character? Give evidence to support your assertions.

3. In Chapter 17, Ryan complains about not being able to reach Sheriff Baker. What is ironic about this? Explain.

4. In Chapter 6, Dr. Brennan visits Dr. Jeannotte to find out if she can help her find information about Elisabeth Nicolet's birth. At the end of the conversation, Jeannotte asks Brennan if she believes in God and Brennan replies that she does not always believe in the next day. What does this dialogue reveal about Jeannotte? About Brennan?

5. What type of person is Brennan? How do you know?

6. In Chapters 15 through 18, Brennan becomes snippy with Ryan. What is the probable cause of her wish to not see Ryan and her rude behavior when speaking with him?

7. How does the information that Anna Goyette is Dr. Jeannotte's assistant increase the suspense?

8. What point of view is the novel written in and what does the reader learn about the narrator as a result? Give specifics from the novel.

9. In Chapter 12, why does Brennan read from the Belanger journals?

10. In Chapter 6, Brennan meets Dr. Jeannotte's teaching assistant. Describe the teaching assistant based on Brennan's observations and conversation with her.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Keeping in mind that the narrator is not necessarily the voice, a novel still reveals an author's values. What does Kathy Reichs value in life? How do you know? What does she disvalue in life? Defend your assertions by using examples in your essay.

Essay Topic 2

"Death Du Jour" has a theme of good versus evil. Choose at least three characters to discuss this theme. What makes him/her good? Evil? A combination? Defend your assertions with examples from the text.

Essay Topic 3

In an essay, analyze the narrator of "Death Du Jour." What type of narrator is Temperance Brennan? Describe her internal and external characteristics. What does she value? Disvalue? Does she change? If she does, how? If she does not, why not? What does the narrator learn. What is her tone when she speaks? Is there a reason for her name?

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