Death Du Jour Short Essay - Answer Key

Kathy Reichs
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1. Where is Temperance Brennan from and what does she do? What is she working on in Chapter 1?

Temperance Brennan is from North Carolina. However, she works in Quebec. She is a forensic anthropologist who studies bones. She is currently working on a case to find and identify the bones of a nun, Elisabeth Nicolet, because she may be canonized.

2. Why does Pierre LaManche call Brennan at three in the morning in Chapter 1?

Pierre LaManche calls Brennan at three in the morning to ask her to help with a case. There was a big fire with presumed victims inside the building. He believes they burned badly, and they need her help to identify the burned bodies.

3. What point of view is the novel written in and what does the reader learn about the narrator as a result? Give specifics from the novel.

Death Du Jour is written in the first person. Since it is in this point of view, the reader learns that Brennan, the narrator, feels that she must be formal in front of nuns. In Chapter 1, she is nervous around the nuns and feels as though she is nine years old, which suggests that she went to a Catholic school. Also, Brennan is sensitive about children and feels uncomfortable around the recently dead. When looking at the first victim in Chapter 2, she says "I forced myself to take a closer look" (27). Though she looks at bones and death as part of her job, she finds it difficult every time.

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