Objects & Places from Death Du Jour

Kathy Reichs
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This object determines the time of death of victims on Murtry Island.

Cinder blocks

The narrator finds these objects on her kitchen floor in the middle of the night.

Autopsy Report

The narrator reads this object to determine how someone died.

Answering Machine Tape

This outdated object was important in finding Harry.

Louis-Philippe Belanger's Journals

This object helps find out about the parents of Sister Elisabeth Nicolet.


This object helps them to find information about Sister Elisabeth Nicolet's birth and leads Brennan to conclude that she was illegitimate.

The Annex

This place is the unique home of Brennan. Tempe lives in a unique apartment in Charlotte, North Carolina referred to as the annex because of the earlier use of the building.

Ange Gardien

This place is where a mass suicide is planned.

Lac Memphremagog

This place is a convent.

McGill University

This place is where Dr...

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