Death Du Jour Fun Activities

Kathy Reichs
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Musical Collage

Temperance Brennan makes many allusions to music in the novel "Death Du Jour." The styles of music vary and add a different element to the scene. Make a mix of the songs she alludes to in the novel and write a short paper about how the song references contribute to the scene. Using lyrics, describe how music effects your understanding of Brennan's character.

Court Room

Select a judge, a defense attorney, a prosecutor, and a jury to decide if the Saint Helena compound is a commune or a cult. The lawyers should both write out their arguments. The judge and jury members should each defend their decision in a brief essay.


Make a crossword puzzle using the locations and objects most important to "Death Du Jour." Make sure to include: St-Jovite, Saint Helena, Beaufort, Charlotte, Quebec, Texas, Murtry Island, cinderblocks, flyer, cassette, and more! Be...

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