Death Du Jour Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Kathy Reichs
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Chapters 1-4

Chapter 1

• Temperance Brennan, the narrator, struggles to find the remains of Sister Elisabeth Nicolet.

• An old nun, Sister Bernard, informs Brennan that she is digging in the wrong place.

• Sister Bernard shows Brennan where the bones were moved.

• Brennan finds the coffin and exhumes it.

• Brennan receives a phone call when she gets home, explaining that they need her expertise for a case involving a fire.
Chapter 2

• Brennan meets her boss, Pierre LaManche, early in the morning to drive to the site of the fire.

• Hubert, the coroner, tells Brennan and LaManche there are two confirmed dead.

• Brennan and LaManche look at the burned remains and make a report.

• Brennan is told she needs to go to the basement.
Chapter 3

• A fireman makes sexist remarks about Brennan's presence at the scene and will not let her down to the basement.

• When finally allowed in the basement...

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