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John Gunther
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part Two.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. On what date did Johnny have another bout of amnesia and began to have problems regulating his temperature in Chapter 5?
(a) June 27.
(b) May 27.
(c) June 12.
(d) June 4.

2. How old was Johnny when his family moved to Connecticut?
(a) 5.
(b) 11.
(c) 7.
(d) 12.

3. In Chapter 4, Johnny's tumor was growing very rapidly, and it was even invading Johnny's what?
(a) Spine.
(b) Ears.
(c) Face.
(d) Scalp.

4. What refers to the science dealing with the atmosphere and its phenomena, including weather and climate?
(a) Radiology.
(b) Biology.
(c) Meteorology.
(d) Ecology.

5. Who told Johnny's family that Johnny was dying in Chapter 5?
(a) Dr. Traeger.
(b) Dr. Hahn.
(c) Dr. Johnson.
(d) Dr. Masson.

Short Answer Questions

1. After his first operation, Johnny wrote to some school friends describing his hospital stay and explained that they had to drill three holes into his skull in "A Few More of His Letters"?

2. What was the common name given to an administrative history written by physicist Henry DeWolf Smyth about the Allied World War II effort to develop the atomic bomb?

3. Johnny was how old when he wrote about going to an observatory and asked his father to send him his chemistry books?

4. When Johnny left the Neurological Institute, he had to stay in an apartment where in Chapter 2?

5. What refers to the loss of a large block of interrelated memories, or complete or partial loss of memory caused by brain injury, shock, etc.?

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