Death Be Not Proud: A Memoir Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

John Gunther
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Foreword to Chapter 2

• In the Foreword, the author introduces the reader to Johnny and explains that the story isn't about life-and-death, but is about the boy's illness.

• Johnny was conceived in California, but he was born in Paris; when he was a few months old, the family moved to Vienna, where they stayed until he was six years old.

• Johnny's family moved to London when he was six, and they stayed there for a year and half before returning to the United States and living in Connecticut.

• The author describes Johnny as a tall boy who was once plump, but was slender by the time he died.
• The author looks back on Johnny's life and highlights the images Johnny had drawn from a very young age.

• Johnny had been interested in transportation, and he created a concept for a machine that conquered space and time; he was also...

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