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Donna Leon
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Short Answer Questions

1. Which opera is Paola watching on television?

2. What is the occupation of the signorina?

3. What percent of hearing loss was suffered by Wellauer?

4. Where was the girl when she died?

5. What kind of vitamins were supposedly taken by Wellauer?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is on the television when Brunetti arrives at home? What is the conversation Brunetti has with Chiara?

2. Discuss the scene in which Wellauer's second wife was found. What happened?

3. What is Signora Wellauer's explanation of the injection marks on her husband's body?

4. What does Brunetti note about Wellauer's datebook? What is the Signora's reaction to Brunetti's questions?

5. Who does Brunetti call with the hopes of getting personal inside information on Wellauer?

6. Who calls Brunetti in the middle of the night? What new information is revealed?

7. What is Brunetti's assessment of the situation? Does it help Lynch and/or Petrelli?

8. What was the nature of Santina's professional relationship with Wellauer? How did the relationship end?

9. Brunetti meets with Signore Traverso to discuss Wellauer's behavior on the night of his death. What does Traverso say to Brunetti?

10. Why does Brunetti begin to question himself about the possibility of Lynch's guilt?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Wellauer went to his friend Erich Steinbrunner for a hearing test. The results were that Wellauer had lost less than 10% of his hearing. What was the most likely cause according to Steinbrunner? Treponti performed the same test and came up with drastically different results. Considering the background information in the text, give your opinion on how the results could be so different. Was it incompetence, or something else? How did Wellauer react to the news? What could be done to help the hearing loss? Was there any cure for Wellauer's issue? How would it continue to affect Wellauer's life and career?

Essay Topic 2

Maestro Helmut Wellauer was a world renowned conductor and musician. Study the job of a conductor. Why is being a conductor much more difficult than being a music director or musician? What special training is involved? Do you think Wellauer's job was the most important in the orchestra? Explain. What might happen if there had not been a replacement conductor in the theater? Would the performance continue? Who would decide how to handle the situation? Also explain the important relationship between Wellauer, the musicians, stagehands, and actors.

Essay Topic 3

Brunetti begins to wonder if his judgment is sound regarding Lynch. Why? Do you think Brunetti is too opinionated to be objective in this case? Is that a common occurrence in police work? How can the police prevent or at least curb the focus on opinion regarding suspects? Write a police report from the point of view of Brunetti regarding Lynch. Point out which facts might be skewed due to Brunetti's opinion. How could Brunetti be more objective?

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