Objects & Places from Death at La Fenice

Donna Leon
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La Fenice

This is the famous opera house in Venice.

Verdi's La Traviatta

This is the opera that Wellauer is conducting at La Fenice.

Wellauer's Coffee Cup

This item is found next to Maestro Wellauer's dead body.T

Brunetti's Notebook

Brunetti carries this item with him, and he opens it when questioning suspects or reporting to his superior.

Palazzo Falier

This place is the home to Paola's parents.


This is an island in Venice, which is rundown and impoverished.

Wellauer's Datebook

This item shows evidence of Wellauer's activities.

Wellauer's Glasses

Wellauer has begun wearing this item in the past few months of his life.


This is an expensive restaurant in Venice.


This is a nondescript bar where Brunetti meets with Brett Lynch.

The Questura

This is the police headquarters.

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