Death at La Fenice Fun Activities

Donna Leon
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Create Your Own Fingerprints

Using glue and string or thread, change your fingerprints to show a new pattern. Compare to existing fingerprints after you are finished and compare the two sets of prints. Can you see any difference?

Write a Journal Page

Write a journal page from the point of view of one of the characters in the story.

Watch a Police Interview

Watch a police interview in person or on television to see the process of getting information from witnesses or suspects.

Collect Travel Information

Collect travel information on Venice and various parts of Italy. Plan an imaginary trip!

Study Poisons

Study poisons and other substances that could be fatal to one's health. What happens when someone is poisoned? What action should you take?

Visit a Police Station

Visit a police station to better understand how the operation works. Interview a detective if possible.

Create a Trivia Game

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