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Donna Leon
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Essay Topic 1

Brunetti and Vice-Questore Patta have a rocky relationship. Compare and contrast the jobs of the men as well as their personalities. What might make the relationship better? Is there any problem with authority? How might you handle the situation if you were Brunetti? Patta? Explain how Patta views Brunetti and his work as the commissario. Explain Brunetti's opinion of Patta, personally and as Vice-Questore.

Essay Topic 2

Paola comments that it may be the most obvious suspect that has committed the crime. Why does Paola make the statement? Which famous author does Paola quote? What causes Paola to use literature as a reference? Does Brunetti take Paola seriously? What other authors might have the same or opposite effect on Paola's reasoning? Name at least five in each category and explain, using examples.

Essay Topic 3

Throughout the story, Brunetti was presented with various leads that might help to...

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