Death at La Fenice Character Descriptions

Donna Leon
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Commissario Guido Brunetti

This character is a commissario of police in Venice, Italy.

Maestro Helmut Wellauer

This character dies before the start of the book, yet he is a central character in the novel.

Signora Elizabeth Wellauer

This character is the conductor's young, beautiful, Hungarian wife.

Amadeo Fasini

This character is the theater's artistic director.

Dr. Barbara Zorzi

This character is a member of the audience the night that Maestro Wellauer dies.

Dr. Ettore Rizzardi

This character is the medical examiner who performs the autopsy on the murder victim.

Francesco Dardi

This character is a baritone singing in the opera where Maestro Wellauer is murdered.

Franco Santore

This character is the theater director.

Signor Echeveste

This character is the tenor performing in the opera.

Flavia Petrelli

This character is the soprano singing in the opera that Wellauer is directing when he is killed.

Brett Lynch

This character is...

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