Death at La Fenice Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Donna Leon
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Chapters 1-2

• Commissario Guido Brunetti is called to investigate a crime.

• German conductor Maestro Helmut Wellauer is poisoned.

• Wellauer was a pedophile.

• Wellauer had previously attempted suicide.
• Wellauer is found backstage at the theater.

• The crime was recent.

• Cyanide is most likely present in the spilled coffee.
• The medical examiner arrives.

• Brunetti begins to make note of who was in the area.

• More than 100 people were backstage.

• Brunetti's task will not be easy.

Chapters 3-4

• Brunetti interviews Flavia Petrelli.

• Brunetti notices suspicious glances between Petrelli and Lynch.

• It seems Lynch and Santore lied to Brunetti.

• Brunetti visits Santore at Hotel la Fenice.

• Brunetti learns that Wellauer backed out on a deal with Santore.

• Wellauer disliked homosexuals.

• Santore thinks Wellauer may have been a Nazi.
• Santore is sorry Wellauer is gone, not sorry the man is dead.

• Santore mentions that Wellauer has been acting strange.

• Santore is leaving for...

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