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Donna Leon
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Short Answer Questions

1. What was the first name of the new partner?

2. The men pretend to discuss which topic at length?

3. The pimp is able to give Brunetti information about what in regards to his contact?

4. What does Brunetti use as a means of scaring the pimp into cooperating in the investigation?

5. What was the length of Ceroni's relationship with Favero?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Ceroni answer Brunetti's question? Is she linked with Favero? If so, how?

2. Brunetti played a long shot that turned out to be a good lead. What was it?

3. Who is the next murder victim? Where is the body found? What was the cause of death?

4. Who does Brunetti meet with to discuss the connection between Trevisan and Favero? Where do they meet?

5. What does Brunetti expect when questioning the pimp

6. What happened to the son after the robbery? How did it affect Brunetti's relationship with the judge?

7. What is the logical conclusion that could be drawn regarding Martucci's motives to kill Trevisan?

8. What piece of evidence is Brunetti finally able to get? What information does it provide?

9. What does Brunetti add about terrorism and how it might affect the pimp?

10. How do the men manage to keep their cover from the first minute they meet?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

One of the major reasons for the distribution channels of the cartel is to sell the snuff films. Explain in detail what a snuff film is and why they are often popular underground. Is a snuff film the same as pornography? Explain. Do snuff films really exist? What is the punishment for making or selling a snuff film? In what types of places might one sell or distribute the film? Who might be the most likely consumer?

Essay Topic 2

Salvatore Martucci became a partner in Carlo Trevisan's law firm with the aim of becoming a partner. Examine Martucci's agreement with Trevisan. What happened? How did Martucci become involved in the practice? Why did Brunetti see Martucci as a potential suspect? What was Martucci's relationship the Trevisans, Ubaldo Lotto and Rino Favero? Did Martucci do anything illegal or unethical?

Essay Topic 3

Pinetta's bar was used in several instances in the story. Discuss the reason to use Pinetta's bar for meetings, interviews, stakeouts and corralling suspects. What benefits are there to using a bar opposed to a coffee shop or restaurant? What did Brunetti learn at Pinetta's? Do you think Franco will continue to do business at Pinetta's even after he was taken into Questura for questioning? What might the other patrons and bartender think of cops being in the bar?

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