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Donna Leon
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Short Answer Questions

1. What is Brunetti's explanation of the upsetting item?

2. How does the pimp receive his instructions?

3. Brunetti suspects that the item in question came from which country?

4. Who becomes hysterical and waits for Brunetti's help?

5. Who is the next character to be found dead in his car?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are the first questions Brunetti asks the prostitute?

2. What option does Brunetti intend to offer to the prostitute as a measure of helping the woman out of a difficult situation?

3. How does Brunetti know the Chief Justice? What is the connection between the two men?

4. How does Ceroni answer Brunetti's question? Is she linked with Favero? If so, how?

5. What action does Brunetti take before questioning the next suspect?

6. How long is the pimp kept at the Questura after he gives Brunetti the information?

7. What does the prostitute tell Brunetti?

8. Brunetti played a long shot that turned out to be a good lead. What was it?

9. What does Brunetti add about terrorism and how it might affect the pimp?

10. How do the men manage to keep their cover from the first minute they meet?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The prostitutes often have little or no choice when it comes to their own freedom. Brunetti attempted to help the prostitute from the bar by having her talk to Elletra. Examine what might be done to help the woman get back on her feet and off the streets. What kind of help might Elletra offer? What options does the woman have in regards to ending her life of prostitution? Do you think she will stay in Italy? Would it be wise to return to her own country or make a new start in Italy? What kind of programs are available in your area to help people that have fallen on hard times and wish to start anew?

Essay Topic 2

Brunetti and Vice-Questore Patta have a rocky relationship. Compare and contrast the jobs of the men as well as their personalities. What might make the relationship better? Is there any problem with authority? How might you handle the situation if you were Brunetti? Patta?

Essay Topic 3

Pinetta's bar was used in several instances in the story. Discuss the reason to use Pinetta's bar for meetings, interviews, stakeouts and corralling suspects. What benefits are there to using a bar opposed to a coffee shop or restaurant? What did Brunetti learn at Pinetta's? Do you think Franco will continue to do business at Pinetta's even after he was taken into Questura for questioning? What might the other patrons and bartender think of cops being in the bar?

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