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Donna Leon
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Short Answer Questions

1. Brunetti practices which of the following during stressful times?

2. What is the Italian term used as the title for attorney?

3. Where will the action and this first step take place?

4. Who is the main character in DEATH AND JUDGMENT?

5. To whom did some of the items belong?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the plan between Brunetti and Vianello regarding Pinetta's? What is decided? How does the plan turn out?

2. How might the deaths tie into the corruption case Brunetti had been working on for months?

3. What is Brunetti's first hypothesis regarding the possible connection between the two victims?

4. What is the first scene in the book? What time of year is it? Why are the scene and the weather important to the rest of the story?

5. What is another connection between Trevisan and Favero?

6. What news does Chiara give to her father? How is the work being done?

7. Who is the first murder victim in the story? Where is the man going when he is murdered?

8. Who is the next person to be visited by Brunetti?

9. Who initially attempts to help the accident victims? Why might this action be unusual? What happened next?

10. How does Brunetti learn about Trevisan's murder? What are Brunetti's initial thoughts?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Elletra Zorzi has an interesting connection with the police. Brunetti does not understand why Zorzi agrees to consult with the carabinieri. There is low pay and it is not necessary for Zorzi's career. Examine why Zorzi works with the police and with Brunetti. What are Zorzi's motives? How does Zorzi involve others in her work? What benefits are there to having a psychiatrist on hand? What tasks did Zorzi perform in this story?

Essay Topic 2

Brunetti did a favor for the Chief Justice regarding his son. Describe the situation with the son, the problem, how Brunetti got involved, and how the judge related to the entire scenario. Also explore how the incident affected Brunetti's relationship with the judge. What actions were made to help the son? Were the actions effective? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 3

Because the snuff film was made in Bosnia and the truck and women came from Romania, Brunetti and the other police will most likely have to deal with the international police, often known as Interpol. Research and describe Interpol, its purpose and methods. Compare and contrast it to the police forces in Italy and the United States. What is the main difference? Do police work alongside Interpol or does Interpol take over the case? What do you think Brunetti's opinion is regarding working with Interpol? What would be the best way for the agencies to communicate and cooperate?

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