Death and Judgment Character Descriptions

Donna Leon
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Guido Brunetti

This character is the commissario of the Venice police.

Professoressa Paola Falier

This character is an assistant professor of English literature at the University of Ca Pesaro in Venice.

Avvocato Carlo Trevisan

This character is an Italian lawyer who is an expert in the field of international law.

Regina Ceroni

This character is a travel agent who worked her way up through ranks of prostitutes to become a front for Trevisan's business.

Rino Favero

This character is a wealthy accountant and partners with Trevisan and Lotto in the prostitution ring.

Ubaldo Lotto

This character is the brother-in-law of Carlo Trevisan and member of the international cartel.

Franca Trevisan

This character is the widow of Carlo and an accomplice to the cartel's activities.

Chiara Brunetti

This character is the 14-year-old daughter of Guido and Paola.

Capitano della Corte

This character is with the Padua police, working with...

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