Death and Judgment Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Donna Leon
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Chapters 1-9

• A truck has an accident in the mountains.

• A driver and several women are dead.
• Reader is introduced to Guido Brunetti and Paola Falier.
• Brunetti's rocky relationship with Patta is introduced.
• Carlo Trevisan is murdered.
• Reader is introduced to Elletra Zorzi.
• Author introduces Sergeant Vianello

• Brunetti and Vianello visit Franca Trevisan.

Chapters 10-15

• Rino Favero is found dead in his car.

• The death may be suicide.
• Brunetti tries to connect the murders.

• Brunetti and Vianello make a game plan
• Chiara talks about undercover work.

• Paola is angry.
• Topa is brought in to help with the case.

• Topa is arrested.
• Brunetti meets Lotto.
• Favero's death is ruled a suicide.

• Brunetti is not convinced.

Chapters 16-20

• Brunetti meets della Corte.

• Brunetti makes contact with a prostitute.

• Brunetti questions the prostitute.
• Brunetti visits the Chief Justice.

• A story about the Chief Justice's son is revealed.
• The judge is able...

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