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Short Answer Questions

1. Leigh says in his January 30 diary entry that his mother told him that she rode with Leigh’s father until when?

2. Leigh says in his January 12 letter to Mr. Henshaw that he is on what page of Beggar Bears?

3. Leigh says in his January 30 diary entry that he looked in his book of highway maps and figured out that his dad should be where now?

4. Leigh concludes his February 5 diary entry by saying “I don’t like to think that Bandit is” what?

5. Leigh says in his February 8 diary entry that he’s started on a new story for the Young Writers’ Yearbook. What is the title of Leigh’s new story?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Leigh describe his and his mother’s exchange after the phone call in his February 5 diary entry?

2. How do Leigh’s diary entries change on February 6? What does Leigh relate in this entry?

3. What does Leigh relate about Mr. Henshaw’s new book in his January 12 letter?

4. With what passionate line does Leigh begin his diary entry on February 4? What drives this passion?

5. What worries consume Leigh about his dad in his January 30 diary entry?

6. What is related in Leigh’s “review” of Beggar Bears in his January 15 letter?

7. What exchange does Leigh describe between himself and Mr. Fridley in his February 6 diary entry?

8. What letter does Leigh describe receiving from his father in his diary entry on February 9? How does Leigh feel about the letter?

9. Who do you think is symbolized by the protagonist in Leigh’s story “The Ten-Foot Wax Man”?

10. What does Leigh describe buying at the hardware store in his March 3 diary entry? What does Leigh say about the man who works there?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss the characters and setting of Beggar Bears. Where previously in the novel did the author foreshadow the appearance of this book by Mr. Henshaw? How? What does Leigh think of the story? How does it compare with Mr. Henshaw’s other books?

Essay Topic 2

Define “conflict” in literature, as well as the different types of conflict that can be found. Discuss examples of the conflicts seen in Dear Mr. Henshaw. Which of these conflicts are internal, external, or relational? How does Leigh overcome the conflicts he faces as the story’s protagonist?

Essay Topic 3

Describe and discuss Leigh’s memories of last Christmas as depicted in his diary entries from December 23-25. What does Leigh recall doing with his parents during Christmas dinner? What did they eat? Are Leigh’s memories happy?

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