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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In his letter to Mr. Henshaw on February 15, Leigh writes to ask for help with what?
(a) An author report.
(b) Learning to write in a diary.
(c) An ending for his story.
(d) ow to make an alarm.

2. The butterflies that Leigh describes in his February 7 diary entry remind him of what story his mom read to him when he was younger?
(a) Cinderella.
(b) Snow White.
(c) The Cat and the Hat.
(d) Aesop’s Fables.

3. Leigh says in his January 30 diary entry that his mother told him that she rode with Leigh’s father until when?
(a) He was born.
(b) His sister was born.
(c) They got divorced.
(d) They got married.

4. What does Leigh say about Barry’s sandwiches in his March 5 diary entry?
(a) They are never cut in half.
(b) They are always cut in half.
(c) They are always ham.
(d) They are always peanut butter.

5. By what name does Leigh say his dad goes by on the CB radio in his diary entry from February 2?
(a) “Billy Badger from Bentley.”
(b) “Wild Bill from Bakersfield.”
(c) "Billy the Kid."
(d) “Bill Bonito of Barsdale.”

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the sign on Leigh’s door say?

2. What does Leigh describe on the sign where the butterflies gather in his February 7 diary entry?

3. Leigh writes in his February 1 diary entry that there was bad news in the newspaper. What is the bad news?

4. What book does Leigh say he bought at a garage sale in his February 28 letter to Mr. Henshaw?

5. Leigh says in his February 5 diary entry that his mom and dad got married where?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is revealed about Leigh’s story, “The Ten-Foot Wax Man,” in his February 15 letter?

2. What letter does Leigh describe receiving from his father in his diary entry on February 9? How does Leigh feel about the letter?

3. Where does Leigh describe going on a walk in his diary entry from February 7?

4. Why are there babies in Leigh’s room when he writes his diary entry on February 2?

5. How does Leigh describe his and his mother’s exchange after the phone call in his February 5 diary entry?

6. What does Leigh relate to Mr. Henshaw about his diary in his letter from January 12?

7. Who do you think is symbolized by the protagonist in Leigh’s story “The Ten-Foot Wax Man”?

8. What is the tone of Leigh’s diary entries from January 31 and February 1?

9. How do Leigh’s diary entries change on February 6? What does Leigh relate in this entry?

10. With what passionate line does Leigh begin his diary entry on February 4? What drives this passion?

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