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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In his third letter to Mr. Henshaw, dated November 13, Leigh says he’s now in what grade?
(a) Second grade.
(b) Third grade.
(c) Sixth grade.
(d) Fourth grade.

2. Who does Leigh say invited Leigh and his mother to Christmas dinner in his December 25 diary entry?
(a) Katy.
(b) Miss Neely.
(c) Mr. Henshaw.
(d) Leigh’s dad.

3. Leigh closes his September 20 letter to Mr. Henshaw with a limerick: “De Liver De Letter De Sooner De Better De Later De Letter De Madder” what?
(a) “I Getter.”
(b) “I Seemer.”
(c) “I Liver.”
(d) “I Starter.”

4. Leigh says in his December 4 letter that he wishes his dad still hauled sugar beets for the refinery where?
(a) Los Rios.
(b) Albuquerque.
(c) San Jose.
(d) Spreckels.

5. Leigh remarks in his letter on December 21 that he received Mr. Henshaw’s postcard with a picture of what on it?
(a) Eagles.
(b) Wolves.
(c) Castles.
(d) Bears.

6. Leigh writes in his diary entry for December 25 that who brought him his Christmas package from his father?
(a) A trucker.
(b) A policeman.
(c) A doctor.
(d) A bus driver.

7. In his third diary entry on December 24, Leigh writes that his dad had once remarked that when he was driving he often saw a lone shoe on the highway, so Leigh and his parents spent that Christmas Eve thinking up songs about shoes. What was the song Leigh’s mom made up?
(a) “A lonesome hiker was unluckee / To lose his boot near Truckee / He hitched a ride with one foot dam / Down the road to Angels Camp.”
(b) “A dirty shoe / Makes me so blue / I’m lost at sea / Where shall I be.”
(c) “Driving with a heavy load / I saw a shoe upon the road / Squashed like a toad.”
(d) “I saw a shoe / Wet with dew / Oh Highway 2 / It made me blue / What’ll I do?”

8. How are Leigh’s diary entries differentiated from his letters to Mr. Henshaw in the novel?
(a) He addresses his diary entries “Dear Diary” and his letters “Dear Mr. Henshaw.”
(b) He writes the day of the week as well as the date on the diary entries.
(c) He writes the day of the week as well as the date on his letters.
(d) He signs his diary entries from “Leigh” and his letters from “Leigh Botts.”

9. What is the name of the school custodian that Leigh likes?
(a) Mr. Fridley.
(b) Mr. Henshaw.
(c) Mr. Pitts.
(d) Mr. Neely.

10. Leigh says in his December 4 letter to Mr. Henshaw, “When you answered my questions, you said the way to get to be an author was to” what?
(a) “Write.”
(b) “Learn.”
(c) “Listen.”
(d) “Think.”

11. Leigh writes to Mr. Henshaw on November 15 to say he was angry he didn’t receive Mr. Henshaw’s reply before his report was due, but he used information from where to complete it?
(a) The back cover of Ways to Amuse a Dog.
(b) The newspaper.
(c) A review from the New York Times.
(d) The back cover of Moose on Toast.

12. What word does Leigh use in his December 1 letter meaning a refrigerated trailer?
(a) “Ice truck.”
(b) “Coldcar.”
(c) “Boxcar.”
(d) “Reefer.”

13. Where did Leigh live with his parents prior to their divorce?
(a) San Jose.
(b) Bakersfield.
(c) Los Angeles.
(d) Montague.

14. In Mr. Henshaw’s response to Leigh that Leigh read aloud to his class, he said he didn’t have kids because he doesn’t raise what?
(a) Cats.
(b) Goats.
(c) Dogs.
(d) Pigs.

15. What is the name of Leigh’s dog in Dear Mr. Henshaw?
(a) Joe.
(b) Bandit.
(c) Roger.
(d) Spot.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Leigh say his father ends their calls in his December 1 letter?

2. Leigh says he hates living where in his fifth letter to Mr. Henshaw on December 2?

3. Leigh says in his November 13 letter to Mr. Henshaw that his teacher is making his class write to authors for what?

4. What is the ninth question from Mr. Henshaw that Leigh answers in his letter from December 1?

5. Leigh tells Mr. Henshaw in his second letter on December 3 that if Mr. Henshaw responds to his letter Leigh gets to do what?

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