Dear Mr. Henshaw Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Describe the narrative style of Dear Mr. Henshaw. From whose perspective is the story related?

Dear Mr. Henshaw is an epistolary novel, meaning that it is comprised of a series of letters and diary entries. These letters are written by the protagonist, Leigh Botts to his favorite author, Boyd Henshaw. His diary entries are largely written to “Mr. Pretend Henshaw.”

2. What does Leigh write about in his second letter to Mr. Henshaw, dated December 3? What grade is Leigh in now?

On December 3, Leigh writes the following year, saying that he is now in third grade; this year he read Mr. Henshaw’s Ways to Amuse a Dog, which was the first “thick book with chapters” he has read. Leigh says that if Mr. Henshaw answers his letter he will get to put his letter on the bulletin board.

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