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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through March 17 – March 31.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What new word in Leigh’s vocabulary does he use in his December 12 letter to refer to any of various lines or tackles for hoisting a flag?
(a) Halyard.
(b) Con-pole.
(c) Lining-rod.
(d) Shipyard.

2. What does Leigh’s mom respond when Leigh explodes at dinner, saying, “Then why don’t you two get married again?”
(a) “Because I don’t love your father anymore.”
(b) “Because I’m marrying someone else.”
(c) “Because your father left me.”
(d) “Because your father will never grow up.”

3. In his third diary entry on December 24, Leigh writes that his dad had once remarked that when he was driving he often saw a lone shoe on the highway, so Leigh and his parents spent that Christmas Eve thinking up songs about shoes. What was Leigh’s song?
(a) “A dirty shoe / Makes me so blue / I’m lost at sea / Where shall I be.”
(b) “Driving with a heavy load / I saw a shoe upon the road / Squashed like a toad.”
(c) “A lonesome hiker was unluckee / To lose his boot near Truckee / He hitched a ride with one foot dam / Down the road to Angels Camp.”
(d) “I saw a shoe / Wet with dew / Oh Highway 2 / It made me blue / What’ll I do?”

4. Leigh says in his November 13 letter to Mr. Henshaw that his teacher is making his class write to authors for what?
(a) Book Week.
(b) Author Month.
(c) The school yearbook.
(d) The school paper.

5. In his February 28 letter to Mr. Henshaw, Leigh writes, “I think you are right. Maybe I am not ready to” what?
(a) “Forgive my dad.”
(b) “Write a story.”
(c) “Be a poet.”
(d) “Ask for forgiveness.”

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Leigh address his diary entries for most of the novel?

2. What is Leigh’s middle name?

3. What does Leigh say he is filled with due to his father’s failure to call him in his January 31 diary entry?

4. What new vocabulary word does Leigh use to mean “to print” in his letter to Mr. Henshaw on January 19?

5. Leigh closes his September 20 letter to Mr. Henshaw with a limerick: “De Liver De Letter De Sooner De Better De Later De Letter De Madder” what?

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