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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through February 6 – March 16.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Leigh says in his December 4 letter to Mr. Henshaw that maybe when he writes a book he’ll call it what?
(a) The Ten-Foot Tall Wax Man.
(b) The Great Potato Caper.
(c) The Great Lunch Bag Mystery.
(d) The Last of the Unicorns.

2. Where does Leigh say he and his mother ate their dinner in his February 5 diary entry?
(a) At the mobile home park.
(b) At the truck stop.
(c) By the butterfly tree.
(d) By the ocean.

3. Leigh says in his February 5 diary entry that when he lived in the mobile home park the only places they ever went were what?
(a) The bookstore and the grocery store.
(b) The Laundromat and the library.
(c) “School and to the truck stop.”
(d) The grocery store and the butcher.

4. What is Leigh’s mother studying at the community college?
(a) Finance.
(b) Veterinary medicine.
(c) Nursing.
(d) English literature.

5. It becomes apparent in Leigh’s March 15 diary entry that he has gained a sense of what?
(a) Virtuosity.
(b) Urgency.
(c) Empathy.
(d) Telepathy.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who suggests taping a cardboard shelf in Leigh’s lunchbox so his sandwich won’t muffle the alarm?

2. In his fifth letter to Mr. Henshaw on December 2, Leigh asks why some of the grownups in Mr. Henshaw’s book didn’t do what?

3. In his February 28 letter to Mr. Henshaw, Leigh writes, “I think you are right. Maybe I am not ready to” what?

4. How does Leigh sign his name in his first letter to Mr. Henshaw on May 12?

5. Leigh writes in his February 7 diary entry that he went to a grove where what kind of butterflies gather?

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