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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through May 12 – November 27.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Leigh closes his November 16 letter with a postscript that says, “If my Dad was here, he would tell you to” do what?
(a) “Go climb a tree.”
(b) “Write a new book.”
(c) “Write me a letter.”
(d) “Get lost.”

2. Leigh says in his November 15 letter that he hadn’t realized Mr. Henshaw had moved where, although he could have guessed from Moose on Toast?
(a) Wyoming.
(b) Indiana.
(c) Hawaii.
(d) Alaska.

3. Leigh writes to Mr. Henshaw on September 20 with ten questions. What is his first question for the author?
(a) “How many books have you written?”
(b) “Have you won any awards?”
(c) “What is your real name?”
(d) “Have you ever been turned down?”

4. Who does Leigh say is his favorite character in Mr. Henshaw’s book that he’s read in his third letter, dated November 13?
(a) Buffy.
(b) Joe Kelly.
(c) Roger.
(d) Joe’s Dad.

5. What is the name of Leigh’s sixth grade teacher?
(a) Miss Martinez.
(b) Miss Badger.
(c) Miss Neely.
(d) Mr. Fridley.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is described by Leigh in his December 3 letter as “the first thick book with chapters that I have read”?

2. What is the name of Leigh’s dog in Dear Mr. Henshaw?

3. Leigh says in his November 13 letter to Mr. Henshaw that his teacher is making his class write to authors for what?

4. In his third letter to Mr. Henshaw, dated November 13, Leigh says he’s now in what grade?

5. Leigh tells Mr. Henshaw in his sixth letter, dated November 7, that he is now in what grade?

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