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Prior to Leigh's parents' divorce, they live in a trailer park outside of this city.

Ways to Amuse a Dog

This is the first book of Mr. Henshaw's that Leigh reads. He writes to him in his first letters about this book, whose protagonist is Joe Kelly.

Moose on Toast

This is the second book of Mr. Henshaw's that Leigh reads. This book is set in Alaska.

Catering by Katy

This is the business where Leigh's mom works after her divorce from Leigh's dad.

Cab-over Truck

This is the kind of vehicle that Leigh's dad drives for a living.

Pacific Grove

This coastal town is where Leigh and his mother move after Leigh's parents’ divorce.


Leigh expresses frustration in his letters to Mr. Henshaw because someone in his class keeps stealing from this object belonging to Leigh.

Yellow Composition Book

At Mr. Henshaw's urging, Leigh purchases...

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