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Essay Topic 1

Define “epistolary” and discuss the characteristics of this style of literature. What documents can be used to make up an epistolary work of fiction? How does this literary style develop greater realism to a story? How is the narrative point of view determined in an epistolary novel?

Essay Topic 2

Define “protagonist” in literature and develop a list of the common qualities seen in protagonists. How do these qualities apply to Leigh Botts in Dear Mr. Henshaw? Why does Leigh choose to write to Mr. Henshaw? What information does Leigh relate of his personal life in these first letters?

Essay Topic 3

In Dear Mr. Henshaw, Leigh writes to his favorite author from second through sixth grades. Discuss Beverly Cleary’s use of language to depict the maturity of Leigh as he continues writing to Mr. Henshaw. For instance, what grammatical and spelling errors can you find in...

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