Dear Mr. Henshaw Character Descriptions

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Leigh Botts

This character is the protagonist of the novel. His character is introduced through the letters that he writes to his favorite author. He describes himself as “just a plain boy. . .the mediumest boy in the class.”

Boyd Henshaw

This character is an author of children’s stories. Although his letters to the protagonist are not included in the novel, the reader learns about him through the protagonist’s replies. Some of the books written by this character include Ways to Amuse a Dog and Moose on Toast.

Bill Botts

This character in the story is the protagonist’s father. He is a truck driver.

Bonnie Botts

This character is the protagonist’s mother. After she divorces, she moves with her son to Pacific Grove, California, studies to become a nurse, and works at a catering service.


This is the name of the protagonist’s dog. Throughout...

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