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May 12 – November 27

• Dear Mr. Henshaw is a young adult novel by Beverly Cleary. It is an epistolary novel, meaning that it is comprised of a series of letters and diary entries, principally from the protagonist, Leigh Botts to his favorite author, Boyd Henshaw.

• Leigh’s first letter to Mr. Henshaw is dated May 12, and he writes that his teacher read Mr. Henshaw’s book about the dog to his class and he “licked it” (meaning he liked it).

• On December 3, Leigh writes the following year, saying that he is now in third grade; this year he read the book Ways to Amuse a Dog, which was the first “thick book with chapters” he has read.

• Leigh says that if Mr. Henshaw answers his letter he will get to put his letter on the bulletin board.

• Leigh’s next letter is dated November 13, and Leigh is now in fourth...

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