Deadly Little Secret Short Essay - Answer Key

Laurie Faria Stolarz
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1. What incident occurs on the last day of school?

Camelia Hammond is preparing for summer on the last day of school. Having just turned sixteen, Camelia is almost hit by Gloria Beckham's car as it peels across the parking lot toward her. At the last minute, Camelia is shoved aside by an unknown savior, a boy who asks her if she is alright and needs medical attention. Camelia, who is bruised, says she does not. A friend calls for an ambulance and soon the mystery boy takes off on his motorcycle.

2. Discuss the second chapter and the unknown writer.

In an undated journal entry, the unidentified writer speaks about a girl that he finds to be irresistible. It can be assumed that the unknown writer is the boy that has saved Camelia's life. The writer vows that he will have the girl despite any obstacle.

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