Objects & Places from Deadly Little Secret

Laurie Faria Stolarz
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Freetown High School

This is the school that Camelia, Ben, Kimmie, Matt, and Wes attend.

Camelia's House

This place originally serves as a refuge for Camelia, helping to keep her away from her stalker.

Camelia's Bedroom

This is where the stalker rips up Camelia's pajama pants and writes the word bitch on her mirror.

The Mall

This is where Camelia, Kimmie, and Wes go to shop and play video games.


This is a pottery shop owned and operated by Spencer.

Seaview Park

Seaview Park is where Camelia and Ben go on a date. It is also where Kimmie and her little brother, Nate, go to spend time and to keep an eye on Camelia.


Lipstick is what Camelia's stalker uses to write the word bitch on her bedroom dresser mirror.

Pajama Pants

This are what Camelia wants to buy at the mall, but then decides not...

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