Daily Lessons for Teaching Deadly Little Secret

Laurie Faria Stolarz
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In the beginning of the story, Camelia is rescued from a near fatal accident in the school parking lot. A car careens by and almost hits Camelia. A strange boy swoops in and saves Camelia, leaving her with only a few bruises. Discuss the rescue.


1. Discuss the scene in which Camelia is rescued. Who almost hits her? Where are her friends? Was she in an inappropriate spot? If so, where? Who is the boy that rescues Camelia? Why is Camelia bruised? What happens to the boy?

2. Write a short story in which you are the main character, whether it is hero or victim. Which role would you play? Why? What are the circumstances? How did the trouble occur? Who is the villain? How can the troubled character be rescued? What special superhero skills are required to complete the rescue?

3. Although the boy that saved Camelia...

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