Deadly Little Secret Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Laurie Faria Stolarz
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• Chapter 1: Camelia prepares for the last day of school.

• Camelia is almost hit by a car.

• A boy saves Camelia's life.

• The boy takes off as an ambulance arrives.

• Chapter 2: An unidentified writer talks about a girl he just met.

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• Camelia recovers.

• Camelia is distracted thinking about the boy.

• Kimmie decides Camelia needs a boyfriend.

• Kimmie, Camelia and Wes have lunch together.

• Wes talks about a new boy in school.

• The boy supposedly killed his girlfriend.

• Matt asks Camelia to help him study for French class.

5 | 6

• Reader is introduced to Ben Carter.

• Camelia approaches Ben to thank him for saving her life.

• Ben plays dumb.

• The journal entries continue.

• The journalist says he will have Camelia or die trying.

7 | 8

• Camelia and Kimmie go out for ice cream.

• Camelia wonders why Ben is lying.

• Wes warns Camelia about Ben.

• Camelia describes her family.

• Aunt Alexia calls saying she is...

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