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This test consists of 5 short answer questions, 10 short essay questions, and 1 (of 3) essay topics.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Ben's therapist encourage him to do?

2. How does Ben fear about dying?

3. What does the song Ben hears on his player say about dying?

4. What do the veteran football players think of Ben playing?

5. What does Sooner do in the locker room?

Short Essay Questions

1. What do they find out on the day of the Horseshoe Bend game, and how will this information affect the game?

2. What happens to Ben's second date with Dallas?

3. What does Ben want from his teachers in his senior year, what teacher is going to be a problem with his goal, and why might the teacher be an impediment?

4. What do Ben and Cody find when they get home, what does it tell them and what does their father say about the situation?

5. What does the doctor tell Ben and what does the doctor do to be certain about his information?

6. What does Dallas ask Ben when he sees her after the Horseshoe Bend game and what does she tell him?

7. Where does Dr. Wagner take Ben to learn more about his illness, what does he learn, and what does Ben decide to do for treatment?

8. Where does Ben go after he leaves Dallas's house and what is bothering him?

9. What sport does Ben try out for, and what do the other players think about him playing that sport?

10. How does Ben find out he might have a serious physical illness, and how does Ben insist he learn about this illness?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Ben absolutely refuses to get treatment, but he also shows that he can compromise. This is demonstrated by his accepting counseling with Marla in order to make the doctor happy. He jokes around with her, but also shows that he understands there is a bit of seriousness in his situation. His disease does affect him mentally, and he wakes up scared, but this doesn't hold him back or make him change his mind about treatment. It just makes him curious.

1. Discuss in depth why you think Ben refuses to get treatment for his disease, and whether you think it was a reasonable decision. Use examples from the text and your own life to support your answer.

2. What are the ways in which you think Ben will benefit from talking with a counselor? Do you think it was right of the doctor to ask it? Why or why not? Use examples from the text and your own life to support your answer.

3. Do you think curiosity about dying and what happens when and or after you die is normal? Why or why not? Use examples from the text and your own life to support your answer.

Essay Topic 2

Many readers of fiction place themselves in the position of one character, wondering if they would do the same thing as that character. Discuss the following:

1. Do you think one of the values of literature is to serve as a reflection of oneself? Why or why not?

2. Socrates said "Know thyself." How can reading a book such as "Deadline" help a reader to know him/herself? Do you find yourself reflecting on your own character and abilities when reading "Deadline"? Why or why not.

3. Choose one specific incident in "Deadline" to discuss and compare one of the characters' response to how you think you would respond.

Essay Topic 3

Oftentimes, a book has more of a character-driven plot rather than action driven, and sometimes it is the other way. Some books seem to balance the two. Discuss the following:

1. What do you think it means to say that a plot is character driven? Action driven?

2. How do you think a plot differs if it is character driven versus action driven?

3. Which type of plot do you find more interesting? Why?

4. Do you think it is possible to have a plot where action and character development share equal time? Why or why not.

5. What type of plot do you think "Deadline" is? Explain your response.

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