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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Hey-Soos point out to Ben when Ben says he wants an ordinary senior year?
(a) Ben's situation is not normal.
(b) He should want an extraordinary year.
(c) Dating Dallas would not be normal for him.
(d) When he dies he won't really care about his senior year.

2. Why does Dallas kick Ben out of the house?
(a) For refusing to go to a specialist.
(b) She does not kick him out.
(c) For keeping the secret from her all these months.
(d) For talking in front of Joe Henry.

3. About what does Ben ask Coach?
(a) His girlfriend who had died.
(b) About the Coach's dead son.
(c) About playing in an impromtu game of hoops.
(d) About why the Coach allowed Ben on the team.

4. What factor does Mr. Lambeer mention to tell Ben he can't do his project?
(a) The requirement for more current historical events.
(b) He does not mention a factor.
(c) The process for renaming a street is not open to non-tax payers.
(d) The bond levy.

5. What does Sylvia say about "The Autobiography of Malcolm X"?
(a) She thinks the whole class should study it.
(b) She has never heard of the book.
(c) She loves the book and has her own copy.
(d) She doesn't think anyone should be allowed to read it.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Ben say he will continue to visit Rudy?

2. Why isn't Ben's list serious?

3. Why does Rudy say he stays drunk?

4. What examples does Ben use of prejudice and racism?

5. What does Ben do when he finds Rudy completely drunk?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Ben tell Dallas his secret, and what is her reaction?

2. What does Ben ask Coach about his book report, how does one of the students respond and what does Coach do to demonstrate democracy to the class?

3. What does Ben do for Rudy the next time he sees Rudy after hearing the man's confession, what does Rudy say to Ben about his confession and what is Ben's response?

4. What does Dallas tell Ben about Joe Henry and what does Dallas ask Ben? What is Ben's response?

5. How is Ben feeling about Hey-Soos at the beginning of Chapter 11, why does Ben feel that way and what does Hey-Soos advise?

6. What has changed in November for Ben with football, how is the team doing and what does Coach think about Cody? How does he feel about Ben and the team?

7. What does Ben do about his therapist's assignment?

8. What does Ben's family do for Thanksgiving?

9. What happens in Ben's first confrontation with Rudy's drinking?

10. What do Ben and Hey-Soos talk about in their first conversation after the Coach's demonstration?

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