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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Ben fear about dying?
(a) Excited.
(b) Curious and slightly fearful.
(c) Deeply depressed.
(d) Terrified.

2. What does Coach want Ben to clear up before he plays football?
(a) His poor grade in English.
(b) Whether Cody has a problem with him on the team.
(c) His ability to play with his doctor.
(d) The situation with the cross country coach.

3. Why do Ben and Cody want their team to do well at the Horseshoe Bend game?
(a) They have beat everyone this season.
(b) So the scouts see Cody in a good light.
(c) Their cousin plays for them.
(d) They are their traditional rivals.

4. What does Ben explain to Dr. Wagner?
(a) That Ben always knew he was going to die young.
(b) That he thought he would live to be a hundred.
(c) That he is going to look for treatments.
(d) He doesn't talk to the doctor about dying.

5. What does Rudy say when Ben asks him about having been a Catholic priest?
(a) He tells him about seminary.
(b) He tells Ben about his last church.
(c) He tells Ben he is no longer a Catholic.
(d) He does not want to talk about it.

6. How does Cody and Ben's mother feel about the game?
(a) She is thrilled.
(b) She is afraid for them to play football.
(c) She is not there.
(d) She is angry.

7. What does Ben do after he drives home from the doctor's office?
(a) Goes for a run.
(b) Goes to tell his brother.
(c) Goes to the Tastee-Freez for ice cream.
(d) Goes to the church.

8. What does Ben tell his therapist he is starting to feel?
(a) Deliriously happy.
(b) Some pain.
(c) A lot of fear.
(d) Some grief.

9. What is Cody's nickname at school?
(a) Big Wolf.
(b) Flash.
(c) Mountain.
(d) Bull.

10. What does Ben think when he sees everything in a new light at the dance?
(a) He wants to get Dallas pregnant.
(b) It may end up being the best night of his life.
(c) He is ready to die.
(d) He wants to start treatments.

11. What does Dallas ask Ben at lunch in Chapter 7?
(a) If he enjoyed sex with her.
(b) Why he is reading Malcolm X's autobiography.
(c) When they are going out again.
(d) If he plans to stay on the football team.

12. Where does Ben tell Dallas he is planning to go?
(a) To her volleyball game.
(b) To UC Davis.
(c) To the lake.
(d) To his grandparents' house.

13. Where do the players go after the coach talks to them?
(a) To the practice field.
(b) A special luncheon.
(c) Home.
(d) To his house for dinner.

14. What does Ben tell Dr. Wagner about his parents?
(a) He does not want them to know about his illness.
(b) Dr. Wagner can meet with them.
(c) He will tell them in a couple of weeks.
(d) He will tell them that night.

15. What affect does grueling practices have on the football team?
(a) The players are becoming resentful.
(b) The team is getting too tired.
(c) The team as a whole are making poor grades in school.
(d) They are winning their games.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Marla Dawson?

2. What does Sooner do in the locker room?

3. What does the note say that Ben receives from his therapist?

4. What does the doctor do after he tells Ben about his illness?

5. When did Cody become the school quarterback?

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