The Dead of the House Character Descriptions

Hannah Green
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Eugenie - Known only by her first name, this character takes care of the family and helps clean Grandfather Nye's house when they move out.

Aunt Janice - See Janice Nye

Uncle Joab - See Joab Nye

Dirk Monroe - This character is Vanessa's first love although she doesn't seem to be truly in love with him; he just seems fated for her, in much the same way her parents met and seemed destined for each other.

Grandfather Nye - See Nathaniel Nye

Isabel Nye - This character is a comfortably privileged woman who does not always know quite what to do with her children. Raised in relatively wealthy circumstances, she is accustomed to having things her way.

Janice Nye - Originally a housekeeper, she becomes a caregiver after marriage and her role is making sure her husband does not fall down the stairs, shopping, and...

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