The Dead of the House Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Hannah Green
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In My Grandfather's House

• The story is told from the perspective of the narrator, a girl named Vanessa Nye.

• Vanessa's grandfather, Grandpa Nye, is a major influence in her life and she enjoys visiting with him at his house in Cincinnati, Ohio.

• Grandpa Nye tells Vanessa stories about her ancestors beginning with Vanessa's great-great-grandfather, a Baptist minister who moved his family from England to Quebec, Canada, and eventually to Cincinnati.

• As a boy, Grandpa Nye and his friends floated on rafts on the Ohio River and went digging for Indian arrowheads.

• Grandpa and his friends started the L F B M Club (the Lively Five of the Blue Miami) and carved the club's initials into their chests.

• Grandpa Nye attended Farmer's College where he spent time with Mr. Bronson Alcott (the father of Louisa May Alcott) and Alfred Russel Wallace, Darwin's partner on the development of the theory...

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