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Charlaine Harris
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why are the feelings in the town still running high?
(a) The people fear that Bill is the killer.
(b) Bill and Sookie's relationship is one everyone's mind.
(c) The burning of the Monroe vampires still on everyone's minds.
(d) The people worry that they will be next.

2. The vampire bites Sookie where?
(a) On the neck.
(b) On the leg.
(c) On the stomach.
(d) On the arm.

3. Sookie and Bill return where to meet with Eric?
(a) Fangtasia.
(b) Sookie's home.
(c) Merlotte's.
(d) Bill's home.

4. When Sookie questions him about why the police are so interested, what does Jason admit?
(a) He had made video tapes while having sex with Maudette and Dawn, and the women had copies.
(b) He knows the killer.
(c) He killed the women.
(d) The police have his fingerprints on the bodies.

5. What does Sookie reveal about her uncle?
(a) He had molested her when she was a young girl.
(b) He had beaten her when she was a young girl.
(c) He had attacked both her and Jason when they were young.
(d) He had molested Jason when he was young.

6. Sookie suggests they do what for a while to see if the love they feel for one another is worth the pain that it might cause?
(a) Separate.
(b) Go on vacation.
(c) Live together.
(d) See other people.

7. Why does Longshadow suddenly go limp and begins to decay in front of her?
(a) He is ill.
(b) He had bitten Sookie.
(c) Eric had staked the bartender.
(d) He has had a heart attack.

8. Why does Bill suggest that Sookie drink some of his blood?
(a) In order to make her his.
(b) In order to be stronger for the meeting with the other vampires.
(c) In order to make Eric jealous.
(d) In order to be closer to him.

9. Sookie goes to work the next day and her co-workers do what?
(a) Question her about the changes that have taken place in her body.
(b) Ignore her.
(c) Commiserate over the loss of her cat and are frightened for her.
(d) Ask her about Bill.

10. Aware that something is wrong, Sookie calls for Bubba and gets no response. She tries to call the police and is stunned to find that the phone lines have been cut.
(a) None.
(b) A yell.
(c) A small cry.
(d) A scream.

11. How does Sookie spend the day?
(a) In bed.
(b) Sleeping.
(c) Listening into the thoughts of others.
(d) Watching a movie.

12. How does Bill surprise Sookie?
(a) He does not want her to bite him.
(b) He bites himself.
(c) He becomes aroused when she bites him.
(d) He shouts out in pain.

13. What does Sookie decide is better than staying in the house?
(a) Running to Bill's home.
(b) Getting into her car.
(c) Going into the shed.
(d) Making for the safety of the woods.

14. The autopsy results from the murdered women are returned. What is learned?
(a) The bites are from humans, not vampires.
(b) They were not killed in the same way.
(c) The bites on them are fresh.
(d) The bites on them had been old, and they had not been missing any blood.

15. What does Sookie think has happened to her brother?
(a) He has become a killer.
(b) He has been drugged.
(c) He has been set up.
(d) He is not the same person she used to know.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Jason surprise Sookie the next day?

2. Why is Sookie in a precarious position?

3. The men in the bar are contemplating what?

4. How did Sookie protect herself from this man?

5. It is not until later that Sookie makes what connection?

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