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Charlaine Harris
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Sam arrives and Sookie reaches out with her mind to him. How does Sam surprise her?
(a) He speaks to her telepathically.
(b) His mind is surprisingly open.
(c) He glares at her.
(d) He seems to be closing his mind to her.

2. Who startles some of the patrons?
(a) Sam.
(b) Bill.
(c) Sookie.
(d) The two vampires.

3. How is the evening disrupted?
(a) By Bill's arrival to Merlotte's.
(b) By the arrival of Malcolm and Diane at Merlotte's.
(c) A bar fight.
(d) The closing of the bar early.

4. Why is Sookie pleased to accept Sam's request?
(a) She finds Sam attractive.
(b) She needs a night off.
(c) She is pleased to have something to keep her occupied.
(d) She wants to make Bill jealous.

5. Why is Sookie called into work the following night?
(a) Sam wants to see her.
(b) Dawn does not come in.
(c) The bar is crowded.
(d) She needs the money.

6. Bill surprises her further by telling her what?
(a) That Dawn had been his previous girl friend.
(b) That Dawn had come to his house one night, very confidently.
(c) That Dawn had been a gift from Eric.
(d) That Dawn had threatened him.

7. Andy Bellefleur starts coming in frequently and would do what, in order to catch Sookie off guard?
(a) Think provocative thoughts.
(b) Stare at her.
(c) Tease her.
(d) Try to trip her.

8. At work Sookie runs into her brother who is upset about what?
(a) Not getting anything from Gran.
(b) He keeps getting called into the police station and getting questioned about the murders.
(c) He misses Dawn.
(d) He wants to move into Gran's house.

9. Several blocks away Bill pulls over and does what?
(a) Asks Sookie what she thinks of Eric.
(b) Argues with Sookie.
(c) Drags Sookie to him, kissing her deeply.
(d) Tells Sookie to get out of the car.

10. Eric questions Bill's relationship to Sookie and he again declares what?
(a) Sookie is his girlfriend.
(b) Sookie is his friend.
(c) Sookie is a vampire.
(d) Sookie is his.

11. When Bellefleur's mind wanders to the thoughts of working somewhere else, Sookie does what?
(a) Laughs at his thoughts.
(b) Considers responding to him.
(c) Ignores his thoughts.
(d) Makes the mistake of responding to him.

12. How long has Sookie lived with her grandmother in the family home?
(a) Since her parents left the state when she was seven.
(b) Since her parents died in a flash flood when she was seven.
(c) Since her parents got divorced when she was seven.
(d) Since her parents were murdered when she was seven.

13. Sam finds Sookie alone and upset and offers her what?
(a) Compassion as well as an invitation to read his thoughts.
(b) A pay raise.
(c) A night off.
(d) A place to stay for the night.

14. Afterward, Sookie and Bill go for a walk and discuss what?
(a) Their lives.
(b) The bar.
(c) Gran.
(d) Being a vampire.

15. How had Maudette been killed?
(a) She was shot.
(b) She was stabbed.
(c) She was thrown out a window.
(d) She was strangled.

Short Answer Questions

1. Bill tells her about his family, his sister and brother, as well as who?

2. The funeral is large and afterward everyone goes where?

3. What does Sookie realize this couple plans to do to the vampire?

4. Jason tells the two women that Maudette Pickens, a girl Sookie had gone to school with, had been murdered when?

5. Unwilling to deal with her own thoughts any longer, what does Sookie do?

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