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Charlaine Harris
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Bill feel about seeing Sookie with Sam?
(a) Jealous.
(b) A bit surprised.
(c) Sad.
(d) A bit angry.

2. Why does Sookie accept the way people treat her?
(a) Because she has no other choice.
(b) Because she likes how others treat her.
(c) Because she is a bit different.
(d) Because she wants others to like her.

3. At Fangtasia, the Shreveport vampire bar, Sookie is amazed by what?
(a) The number of vampires.
(b) How dark and cold the bar is.
(c) The people and vampires she sees.
(d) The number of humans.

4. What does Sookie find out about Kevin Prior, Rene, and JB?
(a) They have never met Dawn.
(b) They have all had sex with Dawn.
(c) They do not like Dawn.
(d) They have not seen Dawn in weeks.

5. Sookie explains that every time she and Bill do anything it is at whose suggestion?
(a) Jason's.
(b) Hers.
(c) Eric's.
(d) His.

6. From where is Sookie Stackhouse?
(a) New Orleans, Louisiana.
(b) Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
(c) Shreveport, Louisiana.
(d) Bon Temps, Louisiana.

7. After foiling the couple's plans, what does Sookie do?
(a) She removes the silver chains that bind the vampire.
(b) She runs home.
(c) She calls 911.
(d) She kills the Rattrays.

8. Though she had lots of practice not reacting, things became too much for her and Sookie does what?
(a) Slaps Andy.
(b) Goes to the storeroom in tears.
(c) Goes home.
(d) Runs to Sam.

9. Sookie tells Jason how she discovered Gran and blames who?
(a) Sam.
(b) Herself.
(c) Jason.
(d) Bill.

10. Showing pictures of Maudette and Dawn to the bartender, Longshadow, the vampire confirms what?
(a) He only has seen Maudette.
(b) That he has not seen either woman.
(c) He only has seen Dawn.
(d) That both women had been in but refuses to say who they had been with.

11. Eric and Pam are older than Bill by ____________ according to Bill.
(a) Years.
(b) Centuries.
(c) Months.
(d) Decades.

12. Unwilling to deal with her own thoughts any longer, what does Sookie do?
(a) She relaxes and listens to those around her.
(b) She goes to her car.
(c) She goes to Merlotte's.
(d) She heads home.

13. At work Sookie runs into her brother who is upset about what?
(a) He wants to move into Gran's house.
(b) Not getting anything from Gran.
(c) He keeps getting called into the police station and getting questioned about the murders.
(d) He misses Dawn.

14. Sookie tells Bill that there is going to be what?
(a) An accident.
(b) A fight.
(c) A raid.
(d) A fire.

15. Bellefleur wants to speak to Bill and Sookie gets angry, telling Bill that she is worried about what?
(a) She would be a suspect because Andy does not like her.
(b) Sam would be a suspect since he took Sookie out on a date.
(c) Jason would be suspected because he is a suspect in the other murders.
(d) He would be suspected because he is a vampire.

Short Answer Questions

1. What awakens Sookie?

2. Afterward, Bill uses what to soothe Sookie?

3. How does Sookie react to the devastation at the Rattrays?

4. How does Sookie feel about Sam exposing her bite mark?

5. How does Sookie warn Malcolm about his human companion?

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